Friday, November 21, 2008

Change We Can Believe In!

I told you I didn't know how often I would post to this blog, and I find that I'm not getting my adrenaline flowing nearly as often now as before Nov. 4. While I have a list of possible topics on which to write, I'll need to settle on one and just start writing. But meanwhile, today I found news that had me jumping for joy and felt that was cause enough to make a short post.

Not only is Janet Napolitano in line for the Homeland Security post, but Raul Grijavala is at the top of the list for Interior! What a boon for the entire borderland and west. A realistic immigration policy can now be dealt with, the border fence will now have to contend with environmental and other cross border issues. Grijalva has been at the forefront of revision of the mining laws and other environmental issues in the West. Maybe we won't have oil rigs on our National Park borders or uranium mines draining their tailings into the Grand Canyon. These issues, while submerged during the campaigns, apparently never left the Obama agenda.

Yes, this is change I can believe in. And maybe, just maybe, they will bring some of the Obama organization back to Arizona to get the Democratic Party in this state organized to take over the legislature.

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